WordCamp DFW 2014

WordCamp DFW 2014

Have Your Tickets Yet?

I am super excited to announce that WordCamp DFW 2014 tickets are now on sale!  It has been an incredible experience this year to attend my first WordCamp at WCATX this Spring and not only attend, but help organize, WordCamp DFW this Fall.  If you are even thinking about attending (or even if you aren’t), please do so!  It’s going to be a great event with awesome speakers, sessions, networking and more!  Getting to know some of the extremely talented developers, users, and fans of WordPress in DFW this past year has been a blast and I can’t wait to meet even more in October!  If you haven’t already, please purchase your tickets at http://2014.dfw.wordcamp.org/tickets/

I feel like the expression of my consciousness would take people completely by surprise.  It would make people ask questions of my Christianity, questions of lifestyle, and questions of my sanity.  If I was to write was freely came to my conscious mind, it would be not only slightly disturbing, but heavily depressing as well.  But with that realization on my part, I also can express while these things would scare other people, and would likely sound depressing, I am quite happy with my existence.  Not that I do not see much room for improvement, indeed, I see nothing but room for improvement, but I also am happy with having that room, even though I seek to fill it with Christ’s pruning of this life.

The fundamental theory behind my life is that there is a Divine purpose not only for my life, but for my interaction with others.  Which begs the question of whether I exist for a plan, or whether I exist to affect others existence, therefor creating both my own purpose and existence.  If I exist to only prove my purpose, then interactions serves me in a receiving and purely selfish means of profit, while any giving and unselfish interaction is merely a selfish exercise in trade.  But, if my existence is indeed created by my shaping of others and through interactions of moral and sociological benefit, then I become less to the point of being completely filled with love and the thought of others.  Is this being less and Christ being more?  Or is this some liberal ideology that has taken root in my subconscious?  IS there a middle ground in this question of interaction and motives?  Can I seek to further my own existence while also seeking to shape others?  Or is this a fault that we see in so many that claim Christ only to hold onto the world?

As I ponder this seemingly superfluous question, my Christianity, whether traditionally motivated or motivated by a true sense of Christ’s being and nature, begs me to live my life and my purpose in complete interaction and complete dedication to the shaping of others, and therefore defining my own existence, not the option of self definition.  Not that my identity comes from others, to say so would be to show much lack of self esteem and trust in God’s naming of me and adoption of me.  No, my identity comes from Christ, although the cartography of that identity is proven to be mapped out by my interactions.

A new week

So these past two weeks have been an intense change in my life.  I went from being part of a leadership team taking students to Venezuela to a youth technical intern.  Last Wednesday, the deadline for half of my funds was due, and I did not have the money.  I tried very very hard to raise support, but was stonewalled at every turn.  I have taken this as God’s way of prodding me away from the trip, and after much talking to Awe Star’s staff, bowed out.   I started looking for internships immediately, because most had already been filled.  Not 24 hours after my first round of calls, I got a Facebook message from Ryan Parson, Youth Minister at New Life Community Church in Inwood, WV (Near Martinsburg on I-85).  He asked me to come and be the technical intern for the youth ministry.  What doors God opens!  I have now been in Inwood (haha) for one week, and I can honestly say that I love it here!  Our hosts, the Bennetts, are an incredible blessing to me and the other two interns (Jeremiah and Andrew).  New Life Community Church (NLCC) is an incredible place that seeks to reach seekers, and to grow them into people who minister to seekers.  The people have an incredible heart and joy for students and children, and have shown us this heart on many occassions already.

I can honestly say that I believe this is going to be a great summer.  While I miss Cindi and my family terribly, I am also ready and loving what God is doing and going to do in the next 9 weeks!

When things get busy…

Classes have started for most students, and the few remaining in idleness are soon to be busied.  I know personally this is going to be an insane semester, with 7 classes, work, and church, I am double booked.  But I recently was given a small truth.  It is when I have the least time to put in time with my savior that I need Him most.  When I get up at the crack of dawn and go to bed not much before that, it is so hard to be focused on the Father during the day and during my QT (Quiet Time).  

But it is within these times, stressful, busied, and sleepless, times that I need my Lord to control my life more than he ever has.  In order for this to happen, I must spend time with Him.  He must increase, I must decrease in order that I do not cease.  Make sense?

A Resolution or a Surrender?

So New Year’s has come and gone (hopefully safely for everyone).  Millions of people have already faltered in their resolutions to lose weight, eat better, spend less, read more, study more, and on and on.  For several years now I have resolved myself to finally make a habit out of eating better, loving more, witnessing more, and so on and so forth.  But every time, after several days, weeks, or a month, I fail.  

So this year, I resolved to not make any resolutions.  Why, you ask?  Because I discovered a simple truth.  A truth that I have uttered time and again, and yet, missed the point entirely.  The simple truth is this: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)”  I cannot do anything apart from Him.  All I do is in Him and through Him.  My own devices and skills will always fail in the end.  

So this year, 2009, don’t resolve yourself to do something.  Surrender.  Daily.  Surrender to the Creator of the Universe.  Allow Him to completely change your life.

A Slow Fade

How could I have fallen so far?  How could he have done that?  I thought she was better than that.  These are lines you hear repeatedly from your own mind or other’s gossip after we have committed wrongs.  We begin to question our God because we seemed to be doing fine in our walk.  Obeying all the rules (except for the speed limit, of course), going to all the right events, services, and even going down to the altar every couple of months (youth camp cry nights, anyone?).  We ask how we could have gone from strong Christian, to sinning hellian so quickly.  My friend, a life filled with sin is never quick.  As the popular song says, “it’s a slow fade.”

There is always a path to sin.  It is never a jump, it is always a path.  You make look up one day and be off the path and on the road to destruction, but you didn’t just end up there.  It starts with the small decisions, that may not seem that bad at the time.  The compromise.  Which leads to more compromise, and even more.  Eventually, compromise gives life to sin.  And sin gives birth to death; physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional.  Think on this the next time that choice to compromise comes your way.

“Oh be careful little eyes what you see”